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Sunday School

At Trinity, we offer many wonderful Sunday school opportunities. All classes welcome new members. Sunday School begins at 9:30 a.m. with classes for all ages. If you have questions, our hospitality team will be happy to assist you or contact Pam Prezioso. We hope you will join us as we grow in faith together.

On January 7, 2018, when we will start a NEW SUNDAY WAY OF DOING SUNDAY SCHOOL! Click here, for the details.



Children's and Youth Classes

Age 2 & 3 -  Toddler Nursery: Diane Yeaste

Age 4 & Pre-K - Preschool Room: Becky Schaaf, Julie McNaull, Natalie Shreffler

Kindergarten - Assembly Room A: Mark Damberger

Grade 1 – Assembly Room C: Julie Guenther

Grade 2 – Assembly Room D: Denise Reep

Grade 3 – Room 21, on 2nd Floor of Church Home: Kirk Rader

Grades 4 & 5 – Community Room, lower level: Adam Kime

Grades 6, 7, & 8 – Jr. High School Room: Matt McClain

Grades 9-12 – High School Room: Erik & Jen Schneeg

Adult Classes

YOUNG COUPLES – (First Floor of the Church Home, Front Lounge) This class is formed around newly marrieds and young families. We base our studies on solid marriages and parenting.

CORNERSTONE – CONTACT PERSON:  KATE KAESER (2nd floor of the Home, Room 26)  This class is made of couples in their 30s and 40s with young children (birth through age 12). The class and Trinity are the Cornerstone of our friendships and we have great conversations about the good times and the challenges of marriage and family with everything going on in the world today. What an amazing thing to know you are not going through this craziness alone! Throughout the year we get together outside of church for moms only movie/ice cream dates, dads only card games/sporting events, as well as family parties. In addition to the general support of each other we try to do at least one outreach project a year to better our local community. We always welcome new members.

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS - CHRIS AND MICHELLE VANDERZYDEN (Trinity Room) This is a class for 30–50-somethings with a focus on prayer, the Word, and discussion. We do topically-based Bible studies. We always welcome new members to class.

CHRISTIAN LIVING – CONTACT PERSON:  PAUL HODGE (North Patio Room, Lower Level) We ponder, study, pray, and have lively discussions and sometimes new insight into the Bible topics we study. The members range in age from 40s to late 60s, mostly grandparents. At Christmas we always try to "adopt" a family in need and prepare meals for those too ill to prepare their own. We have about two social outings a year. We would welcome any new members.

SALT (Serving and Learning Together) – KATHY SHELLY (2nd floor of the Home, Room 25) We’re a group of couples and singles in our 50s & 60s, with young adult children and grandchildren. We rotate leadership and use RightNow Media as our curriculum with plenty of discussion! We also do service projects, such as driving the Food Bank van to Perrysville once a month and adopting a family at Christmas. And, we make the pancakes for Trinity's Shrove Tuesday event! We also try to have monthly fellowship activities.

ADULT BIBLE STUDY – CONTACT PERSON:  DOUG CULLER (South Patio Room, Lower Level) This class consists of singles and married couples, many retired, but we welcome all.  We will study some contemporary writings on faith and the church. We are currently studying and following the Augsburg Adult Bible Study, which covers God, the People, and the Covenant. If interested, please contact Doug Culler.

ICHTHYS – LEADERS:  PEGGY CHRISTENSEN (First Floor of the Home, Dining Room) Couples and singles, 60 and over who meet together to study the Bible and contemporary authors that help us with our Christian spirituality.

CHRISTIAN WOMEN – LEADER:  SHARON SAMPLE (South Sun Room)  The Christian Women's Sunday School class is a group of women of all ages. Through donations we support Camp Mowana Scholarships, Reading Program Scholarships, the Good Samaritan Fund, Child Care, after school programs and the domestic violence shelter. We have three social gatherings during the Sunday School year....a gathering with Pastors and their wives, a class Christmas gathering at a class member's home, and then a "end of the year" picnic. 

TRUTHSEEKERS – LEADER:  DOUG ZIMMERMAN (Meeting Room A) This is an inter-generational class that seeks to understand the nature of God's love through the revelation of Jesus Christ as revealed in both the Old and New Testaments.  Our class enjoys in-depth discussion, thought provoking questions, and well-researched answers. Anyone wishing to eat of the "meat" of the scriptures is very welcome.    

DEFENDING THE FAITH – JARED SMELTZER (Rec Room)  The truths of the Christian Faith will be explored and studied.  The purpose of the class will be to help Christians defend the faith when challenged by the secular forces dominating our culture today.  If you are interested in strengthening your Christian faith while at the same time equipping yourself to share your faith with others, please consider joining!