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Radio Broadcasts


Beginning on November 7, 1948, Trinity was one of several Ashland churches which began live radio broadcasts of worship services over WATG-FM in the fall of 1948. The services were sent via telephone lines to the new radio facility on US 42 just southwest of Ashland. 

The Trinity Courier of December 1948 ran a story under the headline Morning Services Broadcast On WATG: 

On November 7, our church began to serve a larger area by means of its weekly broadcasts over FM station WATG. The entire Sunday morning service is now heard by sick and shut-ins in Ashland and over a considerable range beyond the city. Either directly or indirectly Pastor Lentz has received word that our morning services are being enjoyed by the sick and aged in New London, Wellington, Oberlin, Loudonville and Mansfield. In a ten day period Pastor Lentz listed the name of every person who reported to him that they had heard and enjoyed our broadcasts. There were 27 names on the list at the end of the ten-day period. The story went on to indicate that a generous response on the part of various individuals and organizations made it possible to broadcast the services without expense to the church treasury. (The cost of the weekly broadcast was $22.50!)

Over the years a number of changes have been made. When our present church building on Center Street was built in the early 1960s provisions for the necessary cables and equipment were included. (You can still see the tiny peephole in the Sacristy where the radio operators could look out into the chancel to see which of the four microphones to turn on!) WATG-FM became WNCO and the service was switched to the AM channel. Modern technology replaced the expensive phone line with a small remote broadcasting transmitter called a Marti unit.

After several decades the worship experience grew and changed too. We now used a piano and guitars and a banjo and had children’s choirs which stood on the steps, and so a new radio booth was carved out of the attic in the late 1980s. It had a larger window to see the action in the chancel and room for a mixer with 16 channels and a place for the Marti unit.

The times of our worship schedule changed and the hour-long broadcast on Sunday morning became 90 minutes long. It now begins with Prelude, a fifteen minute program of Christian news and community interviews hosted by Dan Chandler, and leads into the worship which begins at 10:45 a.m. Following worship is Postlude, a program of church announcements and music leading to the top of the hour hosted by Al Lawrence or Hank Stevens. To listen to this broadcast live, online, go to WNCO-AM and then click on "Listen Live."

In the past two decades worship has seen the inclusion of electric keyboards and solo CD accompaniment tracks and projection screens and the like. Electronics have gone digital and programs are available over the internet to download on your personal MP3 player. Our new equipment - with a 96 sliders - will give us years of service in the new 21st Century.

Although sixty years have passed the basic mission of our broadcasts remains the same - to reach those who are not physically in the building during worship with the word of God. We thank God for the faithful folks who have supported this ministry over the past six decades and pray that this proclamation into the community may continue for decades to come.

If you are interested in more information about sponsoring a broadcast, please contact the church office.