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Montessori Preschool


We offer a weekday Montessori Good Shepherd program at Trinity. Incorporated into the Bible- and Liturgy-based lessons, have been Montessori materials and practices designed to encourage calmness, grace, courtesy, and literacy readiness for children ages three through six.

The Montessori Good Shepherd Program is offered Monday through Friday. The Good Shepherd spiritual lessons are central to the children’s program with Montessori activities in grace/courtesy, music/art, geography, language, science, math, and practical life, rounding out the children’s experience.

This program was started by Lyn Sorenson as a Sunday School class that has been part of Trinity’s Sunday School for many years and has grown into this weekday program.

Families interested in enrollment in the program or seeking more information may pick up an information packet in our Church Office at 508 Center Street, Ashland, or call 419-289-2126, or email Cindy Duffey.


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Director, Dr. Jane Jacques
Shawn Hummel, Cindy Duffey, Angelissa Weaver