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Woodworkers Share Group


Men and Women who enjoy working with wood have the opportunity to work in our shop, creating various projects that equip our church and serve the needs of people in the congregation and community. Bookcases, cabinets, furniture, and ramps are some of the items that have been produced.

For more information about this group, please contact Pastor Bob Pflueger at 419-281-8030.


Special Project

The Woodworkers took a trip to Rejoice Lutheran Church in Hudson, Ohio, to deliver the custom cabinets they made for the church kitchen and pastor's office. The folks there were very appreciative of the cabinets. The woodworkers received many, many expressions of thanks.

The group did an awesome job. the cabinets are gorgeous. The pastor was thrilled to have a place to hang his alb and stoles. We are so blessed to have quality carpenters who are willing to share this special gift with other congregations.



Photos of some projects and activities (click to enlarge)