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Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Night Suppers and Children’s and adult Choirs take place during the school year. Click here or check the church calendar, for times and places.

First Place 4 Health

A new year is starting. Are you ready to live a more healthy life? Join us on Tuesday mornings at 9 am or Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm in the North Patio Room for a diet and discipleship group. First Place 4 Health will help you create balance in the four core areas of your life – emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. A New Beginning is from a series of Bible studies created for First Place 4 Health. The book includes a scripture memory music CD and memory cards, daily Bible study for 12 weeks, menu plans and recipes for 2 weeks, and weekly food and exercise tracker. A New Beginning will offer inspiration and motivation to help you deal with any issues of insecurity or failure - especially as they relate to meeting your weight-loss goals. When times get tough and things are off track, it is easy to allow disappointment to lead you to abandon your aspirations for living a life in balance. However, you can learn to cope with setbacks and regret in a way that pushes you toward success instead of dragging you down! A New Beginning will help you explore 10 key scriptural principles to help you stand strong in your commitment to live the life God is calling you to live - a life of obedience, balance and victory! If you would like to join us, please email Pam Prezioso, if you're interested.