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Lenten Study Groups

Lenten Study Groups will begin after Ash Wednesday, which is February 14, and will go for 5 or six weeks. The purpose of these is to have fun with friends in the faith, to grow closer to God and to go deeper in the faith. The groups (5 to 12 persons) will use the book, Real Faith for Real Life: Living the Six Marks of Discipleship. Would you like to be involved? If so, please call or e-mail Pam and tell her which group you would like to join.

Rev. Patti Abel:  Sunday mornings, 9:30am Church Home Main Lounge

Pastor Koch:  Sunday afternoons, 2pm, Rooms A & B

Kathy Kollar:  Sunday evenings, 6:30pm, 134 College Avenue

Denny Steele:  Thursday evenings, 7pm, Rooms A & B