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Inter-generational Study

An intentionally-designed


C.S. Lewis Summer Book Study

Wed nights @ 6pm & Sundays @ 9:30 am



A collection of letters written from a retired devil to his younger nephew. The Screwtape Letters give us a behind the scenes look at the advice this aging demon gives to his up and coming nephew concerning their human patient. And when Woodworm fails to keep the man from coming to know Christ, his uncle then turns his attention toward preventing the inevitable growth that is sure to follow. This summerís book study is open to all ages, and will take place Wednesday nights @ 6pm as well as Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour and will continue through the summer. Each study will cover one letter, so two letters will be discussed every week. If this piques your interest, call the church office or email Matt McClain to let him know if you want a book. There is also an audio version on YouTube, if you prefer that. This has already started, but it's not too late to jump in!