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Prayer Request

Prayer changes lives!

Individuals requesting prayer support may submit a prayer request using our Prayer Request page. If you'd like to be involved in our prayer ministry, please e-mail Kathy Shelly at kathy(at)trinityashland.org.

Members who wish to be contacted by one of the pastors should call them directly at the church office (419-289-2126).


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Michael Koch

To submit a prayer request, simply use our online request form below. Your prayer request will be moderated, and then displayed here and also emailed to prayer chain members, who are waiting to pray especially for you. (To protect privacy, we will only publish first names.)

Updates and praises for previously posted requests are appreciated. If possible, please submit them as they occur.  


Not sure how to pray? CLICK HERE for a prayer guide. 

Current Prayer Request (9 total)
  • Praise and Prayer

    Our prayers have been answered. I got the phone call that I have been waiting for...I will have my permanent pain neuro stimulator implanted next Tuesday! A week later, on Nov. 28th @ 3:00, my stimulator will be turned on and the pain will begin to be relieved. Please pray for my surgery and recovery. Hopefully I will be better than ever by the first of the new year.
  • Doyle Home

    Trinity Friends:
    Thank you for all your prayers and support as Doyle was transferred to Columbus for an infection. After a lot of antibiotics, he Is feeling well and back home.
  • Doyle Braun

    Please pray for Doyle Braun who has been taken to the hospital in Columbus for an infection after his recent surgery. Sincerely appreciate prayers!
  • Healing

    Please pray for Amy Brucato. She has a problem with her feet and is on crutches. Please pray for healing for her feet.
  • Surgery

    Please pray for John McNutt. He will be having lower back surgery on Monday, November 13, at the Fairlawn Cleveland Clinic. Please pray for the surgeons to complete a successful surgery and for John to heal quickly.
  • Triplets

    Craig and Brittany are expecting triplets. They are facing some concerns and possible complications. Mom is now restricted and off work as a precaution. Please pray for the health and safety of these three precious little ones and strength for the parents.
  • Update on Herb Kanzig

    First of all, Thank You for all your thoughts and prayers. They are greatly appreciated!! We had a good visit with the doctor today and he said he is healing well. But now the hard work begins! He is to start with a few exercises at home for the next two weeks and then he will check his progress and then on to the first stage of physical therapy. Continued prayers please for continued healing and patience Thank you!!
  • resident

    There is an amazing woman that is on her way to heaven. Please pray for no more suffering or pain for her to complete this journey.
  • Doyle Home

    Doyle's surgery went well and he is recovering at home. Thank you for all your prayers. Continued prayers for strength and healing would be appreciated.