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Young Adult Ministry

Welcome to our Young Adult Ministry page. This aspect of Trinity's ministry is made up of a committed team of young adults who work to build up the spiritual life of young adults at Trinity. Our ministry takes many forms and reaches a wide variety of people in different life situations. 

Some examples of Trinity's Young Adult & Family Ministry include:

1)     A "Bridging Ceremony" for High School Seniors at graduation time to symbolize the "crossing over" from childhood to young adulthood.

2)     Ministry to college students, including those who grew up at Trinity and are off at school, as well as students from out of town who attend Ashland University. 

3)     Ministry to Young Families is a significant aspect of Trinity's Young Adult Ministry. We have a large number of Sunday School classes for young couples. All of these classes are vital, active, caring communities where fellowship, Bible Study, mission, and service take place.