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Purpose of the Trinity Outreach Fund

To confess and proclaim Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church, Godís people, called into being by the Holy Spirit. Every action and mission of the Fund should bear witness to the Holy Scriptures as the revelation of Godís sovereign will and saving grace in Jesus Christ.

To gather into fellowship those who respond in faith to the call of the gospel; to build and strengthen the fellowship of Believers within Trinity congregation, the Lutheran denominations, and among other Christian groups who proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

To educate and instruct members of the Church on what it means to belong to and be disciples of the Kingdom of God. To provide instruction and leadership in Christian truth and living, not only by preaching, but by the Churchís entire educational program.

To serve the needs of fellow Believers in Jesus Christ through alleviation of suffering, whether in body, mind, or spirit; or to those outside the Body of Believers if such a gift can effectively witness to Godís message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

The Outreach Fund Grants

Trinity Lutheran Church has been blessed with rare opportunity to exemplify Christís ministry. No one can read the Holy Gospels without being impressed by Christís acts of reaching out to others in need.

We believe the Trinity Outreach Fund, established in 1979 with a bequest from Clara T. Firestone, has shown Christís love for all of humanity, helped people to know the Lord, and helped to develop disciples for years. The Lord has continued to bless Trinity Church with large financial gifts (such as the Maxine Rybolt bequest in 2003), some of those gifts are incorporated into the original Outreach Fund.  The family of funds are called the Trinity Outreach Fund.

The Trinity Outreach Fund shall continue to be a perpetual instrument of church related outreach for members of Trinity Lutheran Church. In our efforts to help church related ministries we shall share the earnings of our fund to help church or church affiliated organizations. We shall also share the earnings of the fund to assist non-religious causes which reflect the Lordís love for all of humanity. We shall know the joy of seeing in a personal way the use of these funds through grants.

Outreach Fund Grant Application Process and Form

The Fund Application form must be completed for the Trinity Lutheran Church Outreach Fund Committee to consider a request. The Outreach Fund does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, national origin, religious beliefs, disabilities, sexual orientation, economic circumstances, or lifestyle.

Timeline: Online application can be completed at any point during the year.

  • An individual or organization may not apply for money more often than every-other year. Projects directly sponsored by Trinity Lutheran Church are exempt from the every-other year application rule. 

  • Applications will be reviewed from June 15 to August 15.
  • Committee reviews all submitted requests and prepares a ballot. This is completed between September 10 and September 30.
  • Congregation votes on the ballot requests from November 1-December 1.
  • Approved requests will be notified in early January of the following year.
  • Checks will be disbursed in January of the following year. 

Trinity Lutheran Church Outreach Fund provides support for: capital campaigns, building and renovation, equipment, project grants, program development, seed money, and matching/challenge grants. In general, the Trinity Lutheran Church Outreach Fund does not support ongoing operating expenses, annual campaigns, existing endowment funds, or cash reserves/debt reduction.

A follow-up report is required within six months should a grant be awarded. Completion of the grant follow-up form is required for eligibility for future Trinity Lutheran Church Outreach Fund grants. The follow-up form will be provided to the organization.

Our members love to see the impact their choices have made on organizations. We encourage submission of photographs showing the Outreach Fund dollars at work.








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