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What It Means To Be A Member

What it means to be a member of Trinity


On the attendance registers, that we pass at worship each week, there are a number of categories:  Member, First-time guest, Regular guest, AU student, and Wish to join.  People in all categories worship with us each week.  All are welcome!


Members are those individuals who have completed a New Member class entitled "Getting to Know Trinity" and have chosen to join by transferring their membership from another congregation or affirmation of faith.  Baptism is a requirement of adult members.  Those who have been baptized in the Christian church are not required to be baptized again.  Those who have not yet been baptized are able to do so prior to or on the date of their reception into membership.


First-time guests are those who are worshiping with us for the first time. We have about 10 to 20 persons per week in that category. Some are here for a special event, live in another city or state and seldom come again. Others are looking for a faith-strengthening congregation and that first time begins a journey that ends in life-long commitment to Christ through Trinity.


Regular guests are those who worship faithfully with us, sometimes for decades, and do not join. Many of them give faithfully, participate in many congregational activities, teach Sunday School, serve as lectors...yet do not join. Some do not join out of family loyalty to another congregation. Others do not join because of faith issues. Some worship and participate fully with a spouse or other family member but have reservations about infant baptism, or formal, liturgical worship, or simply came from another faith tradition that they wish to remain formally a part of.


AU students sometimes worship with us for four years and never think of joining. They have a home congregation and wish to keep it that way.


Wish to join is the final category guests can check as the register is passed.  That is checked when a person decides they would like to investigate becoming an official part of Trinity. They are then invited to a New Member class we call "Getting to know Trinity". This class is designed to give those interested in joining more information about Trinity, our beliefs, worship customs, service opportunities, and connections with the world-wide Christian Church. After the New Member Class most join, but some prefer to know about the congregation and continue as regular visitors, participating fully in the life of the congregation, but not becoming a member.