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Baptism is the entrance rite (ceremony) of the Christian Church. Lutherans practice infant baptism while being open to baptism for any adult not yet baptized. We believe (with the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, United Methodist, Presbyterian, and Russian Orthodox churches) that in baptism, God is choosing us, rather than baptism being a time when we choose God.   

At infant baptisms, parents and sponsors promise to raise the child being baptized in the faith, for baptism is the beginning of a relationship not some sort of magic "seal" that automatically gets us into heaven.   

We use only a little bit of water for as Luther said "It is not the water, but the water with the word of God and our belief in that word" that are the important things in baptism. 

Ministering in a Baptist/Brethren milieu, we are of course open to baptizing adults by immersion, if that is their family tradition. If you are interested in baptism either for yourself or a loved one, please consult with one of the pastors.