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Church Council

Trinity's Church Council

Trinity is governed by a Church Council of 20 persons, elected for a five-year term of office. The Senior Pastor is President of the Council and President of the Congregation. Each year a "lay leader" is elected who serves as Vice-President of the Church Council and Congregation and as head of the Personnel Committee. 

The Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month in Meeting Rooms A and B. They oversee all congregational operations and all staff. Each year they prepare the budget for the following year. Any member is eligible to run for the Church Council. This election is held at the Annual Congregational meeting, which is held on the first Sunday evening of May, in the Sanctuary. The budget is an annual one, ending December 31. The congregation does not vote on the budget, entrusting that to the Council.

Current Members - Terms & Committees 

May, 2018
Kristin Burke, Senior Ministries/Secretary
Ryan Fickes, Young Adults/Athletics

May, 2019
Chris Box, Kitchen
Jon Burkholder, Property
Kevin Kaeser, Personnel/Lay Leader
Dan Wierbiki, Property

May, 2020
Randy Cleland, Property
Kathy Conery, Nurture
Darlene Osbun, Women & Children
Scott Young, Finance

May, 2021
Corinne Aebersold, Christian Education
Joe McFrederick, Finance
Stacy Prochazka, Worship & Music
Mike Schaefer, Youth

May, 2022
Chad Emmons, Grounds
Todd Jurjevic, Youth
Laurie Maurer, Grounds
Marsha McNutt, Worship & Music